Each tray serves 4-6 people

For New Year's Eve: All Family Style and Taverna Style meals must be placed by midnight Tuesday 12/29 for pickup 12/31 between (3-8pm)

Taverna Style Pikilia - $30

A sampling of all our meat offerings, served with Chicken Souvalaki, Loukaniko Sausage, Soujouk Sausage, spit roasted Lamb and Beef Gyro, pickled vegetables, Tzatziki, olives, Tabouleh, fresh made pita, fire roasted long hots and more all served in a pizza box for easy serving, an instant display of mediterranean delights! Easily serves several people, great for picking (piki-lia) and a great addition to your small, socially distanced, NYE festivity!!!


Pastitsio - $40

A baked pasta dish with ground meat and béchamel

Moussaka - $35

Layers of eggplant and potato, a ragu of lamb, topped with béchamel.

Spanakopita - $30

A Greek savory pastry, made with spinach and feta filling and layers of buttery filo dough

Pastilla - $40

A north African meat pie, filled with layers of shredded spiced chicken, custardy eggs, toasted sweet and salty almonds.

Fasolakia - $25

3 hour Braised green beans, with onions, garlic, tomato, and plenty of good extra virgin olive oil. A simple yet soul satisfying dish that can be a side or a main dish.


Baklava - $24

A rich, sweet, pastry, made of layers of buttery filo dough filled with chopped nuts, and held together with a honey syrup.

Chocolate Cake - $50

Rich dark cake, tahini buttercream, topped with ganache

Cookie Tray - $15

Chocolate chunk walnut cookies, orange madeleines, honeycomb brittle, meringues, baklava Melomakarina and Nutella for dipping!

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